Iconeme is a technology company, formed by people in the business of retail for retailers.

We offer real world solutions to technical and practical problems, we are developing many products, our first of which is the exciting VMBeacon.

The VMBeacon brings together the online virtual world and the bricks and mortar of the shopping experience, combining the two to create a more real and rewarding experience.

We have achieved our objective via the use of patent pending visual merchandising equipment, the equipment has been developed and solely distributed through our partner company Universal


Mannequins in the shop window or within the store environment communicate with a customers smartphones via an app. When the customer walks past visual merchandising equipment that

incorporates a VMBeacon an alert is triggered.

This allows the mannequins to open a dialogue with the customer sharing the look, giving them detailed style sheets of the clothing that is on offer.

The customer then has the ability to explore  a retailers website, to buy the garments or  just let you  know where the garments are in store. Looks can be shared with friends and family via messenger, email, facebook and twitter.

Styles can be saved so that the customer can ponder the purchase or just show the style sheet to  friends for their opinion. All your saved looks can then be browsed at a later time with the ability to purchase the items, from a retailers website.

Once a VMBeacon is in range and has been discovered, the app has the ability to inform the customer of offers and promotions that are available.


The VMBeacon allows store windows to talk to customers in a new exciting way, engaging  them at the point of decision, imparting style and apparel details, as well as offers. The store window becomes a portal for interactive selling, 24 hours a day, making greater use of the retail space on offer.



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